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Client: Suwal Industries

July 21, 2015

Project Name:-
Integrated Master Plan for the Kerio Valley Area, Kenya.
Country:- Kenya

Location within Country:- Kerio Valley, Northeastern Kenya Professional Staff Provided by your Firm:- Project Manager, Town Planner, Infrastructure Planner, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Water Resources Experts, Agronomists, Soil Scientist, Agro-Forestry Expert, Agri-business Expert, Fisheries Expert, Hydrologist, Geotechnical Engineer, Environmentalist, Economist, Financial/ Investment Analyst, and GIS/CAD Expert.
Name of Client:
Kerio Valley Development Authority No of Staff Months:
Start Date:-(Month/Year)
June 2010 Completion Date:-
September 2011 Approx. Value of Services (in US$): $747,165
Name of Associated Consultants. If any:
Geotec Associates Ltd. No. of Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s):- 15
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Manager, Team Leader) involved and functions performed:-
Mr. K Awere Project Manager/Senior Economist. Overall responsibility of project services delivery, co-ordination of other service providers and principle contact person between the consultant team and the Client.
Had further responsibility of all infrastructure planning aspects.
Narrative Description of Project: – The project involved the preparation of a detailed integrated Master Plan, strategic and spatial planning covering five (5) districts of Baringo, Elgeyo Marakwet, West Pokot, and Turukana districts of northwestern Kenya, an aggregate areas of about 11,950 km². The project entailed investigation and identification of various viable development and research programs/projects in soil and ecological conservation, water resources (irrigation, dames and rural water supply), agro-forestry, agriculture and agro-processing, tannery industry, abattoir, mineral resources (mining and industrial chemicals – soda ash), fisheries. Also involved the infrastructure planning and preliminary design of access and feeder roads, water supply infrastructure, dams and reservoirs, market and trade centers structures, post-harvest storage structures, administrative office structures and drainage structures (bridges and culverts).
Description of Services/Tasks Performed: Master Planning Tasks:
• Strategic Planning (objectives, framework, project areas boundaries, structured agricultural based development)
• Identification of Communities and Institutional Stakeholders
• Data collection, and materials/literature review and assessment.(Regional & National Development Plans)
• Public Involvement, and formalized farmers groups
• Environmental Impact Assessment Study.
• Socio-economic Assessment Study and Household Survey.
• Identification of socio-economic factors for post implementation monitoring and evaluation
• Baseline Socio-economic data Statistical Analysis.
• Demand Forecast Study & Analysis (land, labour, industrial trends, demographics etc. as required)
• Preparation of an Agriculture Development Plan
• Target crop and secondary crops value chain study
• Topographical Aerial Survey,
• Spatial Planning
• Soils investigation and soil survey mapping.
• Construction materials investigations and testing.
• Community Farmers Facility Management Plan
• Transportation and Transit Corridor Assessment.
• Preliminary Design and layout of support infrastructure (roads, irrigation and drainage system, dams, water reservoirs)
• Preliminary Design and layout of supporting housing and small building structures
• Construction cost estimation
• Programming and Program of Development
• Financial Analysis and Sensitivity Modeling
• Investment and Public Private Partnership (PPP) Opportunities Articulation and Structure
• Implementation Plan (phased approach, phase description, schedules and cost allocations)

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