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Client: Johns Willems

July 21, 2015

Project Name:-

Feasibility Study and Master Plan for Expansion and Development of Ahero and West Kano Irrigation Schemes
Country:- Kenya

Location within Country:- Kisumu County, Western Kenya Professional Staff Provided by your Firm:-Irrigation Engineers, Civil Engineers, Surveyor/, GIS Expert, Hydrologist, Environmentalist, Sociologist and Mechanical Engineer (pump specialist), Enumerators
Name of Client:
National Irrigation Board, Kenya No of Staff Months:
National Irrigation Board
P.O. Box 30372 – 00100 Nairobi Client’s Contact Person for the Assignment: Eng. George Odedeh
Start Date:-(Month/Year)
July 2011 Completion Date:-
June 2012 Approx. Value of Services (in US$): $296,380
Name of Associated Consultants. If any:
N/A No. of Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s):- N/A
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed:-
Eng. P. G. Nderitu, Team Leader/Irrigation Engineer: Responsible for co-ordinating the project team and ensuring the timely and quality delivery of the project services. He was the principle contact person between the consultant and the client for project. Had further responsibility of all design review works for the intake works and associated infrastructures.
Narrative Description of Project: – The project involved the Feasibility Study and Master Plan for Expansion and Development of Ahero and West Kano Irrigation Schemes in Western Kenya. The consultant carried out a study to evaluate the feasibility of introducing gravity intakes to replace pumping system for both Ahero and West Kano schemes. Subsequent to the Feasibility study and part of the study, the Consultant developed a Master Plan for the expansion of the existing scheme to an additional 4,300 hectares of irrigated farm lands.

Description of Services/Tasks Performed: (Feasibility Study & Master Plan)
• Topographical survey,
• Social economic survey,
• Identification of socio-economic factors for post implementation
monitoring and evaluation
• Environmental impact assessment
• Soils investigation and soil survey mapping.
• Construction materials investigations and testing.
• Preparation of an Agriculture Development Plan.
• Target crop (rice) and secondary crops value chain study
• Public Involvement, and formalized farmers groups
• Community farmers Facility Management Plan
• Spatial Planning (existing and expansion scheme areas)
• Design of the irrigation and drainage system;
• Design of in-farm access and service roads.
• Design and layout of supporting housing and small building structures
• Design and layout of farm blocks, per irrigation canal network.
• Construction cost estimation
• Evaluation of economic feasibility of the project.

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