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Coda And Partners is the specialized Consulting Engineering member firm of Coda Consulting Group worldwide. The firm provides specialized engineering consulting services in civil and structural engineering, agricultural engineering, infrastructure planning, project management and other related areas. Coda And Partners has been successfully providing professional consulting services for over 30 years.

Coda And Partners is incorporated and registered with operational and associate offices mainly in eastern, southern and central Africa including Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Kingdom of Swaziland and USA .

The firm was founded in the late nineteen seventies with the main objective
of providing professional quality consulting services for development projects including engineering, planning and management to various public institutions, organizations, governments as well as the private sector.

The firm is registered and recognized by most multilateral and bilateral international development organizations such as the World Bank, EU, UNDP, DFID, FAO, USAID, AfDB, EAC, BADEA, NEPAD, NORAD and similar others. Coda is also registered with local Public Institution Authorities such as Roads, Irrigation and Water Boards within the respective countries of operations. Coda is committed to excellence in consulting services with emphasis on quality on time delivery and within budget. Coda utilizes the latest equipment and technology to enhance performance, facilitate effective client communication and provide cost effective project delivery.

Coda offers a multi-disciplined professional staff with a unique balance of skills, expertise and experience. We thank the past and current Clients as well as the prospective ones for their interest in the firm. Coda And Partners and the entire Coda Consulting Group look forward to being of service to you now and in the future.


Philosophy & Approach

CODA is well placed to assist in resolving problems in the Developing World. Through application of modern applied research, appropriate technology, computer aided designs, data banks as well as collection of reliable primary information, CODA believes that an integrated technical and socioeconomic development can be achieved and sustained. Such development includes a wide range of engineering and technical activities related to achievement of effective national and regional growth and development within acceptable philosophical and cultural dimensions.
CODA’s permanent and associated consultancy staff, recruited worldwide, is backed by an international management team which has extensive and practical development project experience.

Although the CODA directors, partners, principals, senior core staff and consultants are practical experts with distinguished academic backgrounds, certification and professional registration, the firm recognizes that fundamental understanding of local cultures of the physical and technical environment, and of subtle issues and problems of development are essential to ensure project success. CODA understands and respects the different philosophies and socioeconomic systems that provide the basis for policy guidance and formulation in various countries. Coda will perform services with the highest professional standards within a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

The firm has been successful in establishing close working relationships with developing countries by carefully considering cultural and political sensitivity with the ultimate objective of working efficiently to complete projects on time and economically. This ability to perform efficiently, sensitively as well as effectively in a competitive global market, enables CODA to provide high quality consultancy services in various countries including those in politically and culturally sensitive areas.

CODA’s basic objective is to enhance growth and development efforts among the various sectors and sub sectors of the economy of any particular country or region with special attention to civil engineering and infrastructure development as well as planning and project management.

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